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Being different
brings energy

Better together, happier together

We take a slightly different approach to things, so our starting point is always the positive. How else could we be, with the cheerful gerbera as our main product? Our products and working practice give us energy which we pass on through the entire supply chain.

Unique concept and products

We like to share responsibility for what's on the shelf as well as for end-user satisfaction. Which is why we have our own design department devising ready-made bouquets and displays for the flower shelf in retail outlets. Thanks to years of retail experience, amassing data, spotting trends and working closely with our customers, we can offer unique, tailor-made products for our customers.

Unique optimisation

We believe it is important to take a step forward every day, towards a more efficient working day and a sustainable world. Our optimisation team keeps us fully focused on this. This is partly why we were the first gerbera nursery to grow hybrids on a large scale under LED lighting. By learning through practical experience what the impact of this is, we hope to become the first nursery to grow gerberas entirely under LED lighting.

Unique varieties

We supply a unique range of gerberas, because half our varieties have been bred by ourselves. Florya Breeding, as our breeding department is known, creates new varieties which are distinctive in colour, shape, or a combination both. Together with input from the entire supply chain, we eventually select those gerberas which go into full-scale cultivation. So we know for sure that our unique range is what the customers want.

Uniek in producten & concepten

Wij voelen ons medeverantwoordelijk voor het schap en consumentplezier. Daarom hebben wij een eigen design afdeling die kant-en-klare boeketten en concepten ontwikkeld die zo het bloemenschap van de retailer in kunnen. Door jarenlange retail ervaring, het verzamelen van data en trends en intensief samenwerken met onze klanten bieden wij unieke en op maat gemaakte producten voor onze klanten.

Uniek in optimalisatie

Wij vinden het belangrijk om iedere dag een stap te zetten naar een efficiëntere werkdag en duurzame wereld. Onze optimalisatie team zorgt dat we hier volledige focus op hebben. Mede hierdoor telen wij als eerste gerberakweker grootschalig hybride met LED verlichting. Door al doende te leren wat de impact hiervan is, hopen wij de eerste gerberateler te worden die volledig op LED verlichting teelt.

Uniek in soorten

Wij bieden een uniek assortiment aan gerbera’s, omdat de helft van onze variëteiten vanuit onze eigen veredeling komt. Florya Breeding, zoals onze afdeling veredeling heet, creëert nieuwe soorten die onderscheidend zijn in kleur, vorm of een combinatie van deze twee. Samen met meningen uit de gehele keten selecteren we uiteindelijk de gerbera’s die in productie worden genomen. Zo weten we zeker dat ons unieke assortiment aansluit bij de vraag vanuit onze klanten.

    LG Flowers
    in numbers


    we grow 95 million gerberas in our greenhouses every year


    100 employees work on 12 hectares of gerberas


    10 departments are involved from beginning to end of the process

    Better together,
    happier together

    Focus on sustainability

    For us, a step forward means one more step towards a sustainable way of growing and processing.

    Closely bound and personal

    We are a passionate family business with a focus on people, from our employees to our suppliers, and from our customers to our end-users.

    Our certification

    Our focus on sustainability and people is underlined by the certifications we hold: MPS A, Global GAP, GRASP and GGN.

    Pushing boundaries

    We continue to develop ourselves, our processes and our products alike by seizing every opportunity which comes our way.

    Knowledgeable partner

    By Mike Lansbergen

    Over three generations, we have grown to become a trusted player in the flower market. Traditionally, the customer has always been central, but once Joyce joined the company, the end-user was also added to the mix. Having the same mindset as our customers is what I enjoy most about sales, and thanks to our many years of experience, I can justly say that we are knowledge experts in the eyes of our customers.

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