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76 mini gerberas spread over eleven colours and five shapes. Which one do you choose?

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Mi Twisti, because she has those lovely and dancing petals

Mi Specialti

Our special gerberas

Our breeding, Florya Breeding, developed four unique gerbera shapes: Mi Dotti, Mi Punki, Mi Twisti, and Mi Queeni.

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Retail bouquets 

Retail bouquet, retail-ready bouquets designed for consumers? That is what we do. We use the expertise we gained over the years to develop the best bouquet for your customers

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Retail-ready concepts

All of our concepts are marked with the stamp ‘Add joy’, because the provide happiness through the whole chain. 

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Mini gerberas

Besides bouquets and concepts, all our gerberas are available on water, in box and in Diamond packaging

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LG Flowers

LG Flowers

a family business

Florya Breeding

Florya Breeding

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Choicy Gerbera

Choicy Gerbera

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Florya Breeding

By Ria Lansbergen

By Ria Lansbergen: In 1987 we started with our own breeding in order to offer our clients an unique and strong assortment. Nowadays I still breed according to the same vision: ‘which father- and mother plant will give the most special, beautiful or strongest gerbera?’. After a period of two years, where the new varieties are tested thoroughly, we use opinions from clients, florists and customers to select which varieties will be taken into production by LG Flowers.

Ria lansbergen

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