The faces behind LG Flowers

If you keep up with our socials, you may recognize some of our fantastic colleagues. We would like it if you get know our team better. In this blog you will get to know more about: Cindy, Diede, Nouschka and Jonne.



Diede is our floor manager, his work takes place in the production of the gerberas. He manages the entire process, from picking to transport. He also ensures that errors are resolved in the system.

“The best thing about LG Flowers is that everyone works together and helps each other when necessary. You don't have to do anything alone and that is our strength. ”


Cindy is our HRM manager and responsible for all the staff and the stuff that surrounds it. "Every day is different, that makes working at LG Flowers so much fun. I’m happy when everyone is having a good time and we have achieved the right results with the whole team"⁠


Jonne is one of our sales employees. Every day he works to get the best out of himself and the customers. The best thing about LG Flowers is that you work in a diverse and flexible company. And the challenge of working with different nationalities. "I get a smile on my face when the customers are satisfied and when everything goes smoothly."



I am involved in marketing, communication and product development. The marketing is very broad here, it ranges from making a new folder to the fairs we participate in and from online marketing to Bloom Makery. I also develop concepts. Every year I have a new collection with 8 themes of flower concepts. I also do this specifically for customers.

The best thing about LG is that we try to find the smile in everything. We are a young and growing company where you are given a lot of freedom to develop yourself and help LG to develop and that you also contribute to this. You get a lot of opportunities here.