Our bouquets and concepts are retail-ready, which means that they are competitively priced and can be placed straight into a shop.

Happy Give-Aways

All of our concepts are marked with the stamp ‘Add joy’, because they are happy and easy give-aways. The perfect present for consumers.

Consumer insights

Our consumer platform Choicy-Gerbera give insight in the preferences of consumers. Via social media, the website and events we gather lots of knowledge that we translate into successful retail concepts.

Social media

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Choicy Gerbera

By Joyce Lansbergen

We started as one of the first with producing retail bouquets. Because of this, we gathered many years of experience and knowledge about retail. Besides this, we collect knowledge about consumer groups, trends, country-based preferences. We translate this to the desire of our client. Therefore we do not have a standard assortment. We only develop client-specific offers, so everything falls into place.

Joyce Lansbergen

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