Enjoy your midsummer

22 Jun 2018

What are you going to do this weekend? Don’t waist these days of the year: it’s mid-summer weekend!

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The smile on your face

15 Jun 2018

Our spot on the horizon: providing a moment of happiness

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Little Spring bird

16 May 2018

In the Netherlands we have a saying: In May all birds lay their eggs. For us it means that Spring is in full swing, an inspiring period of the year!

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Rock 'n roll Mi Punki de finale in van de Dutch Tulip Award 2018

04 May 2018

Sinds vorig jaar augustus rocken de Mi Punki’s in vele kleuren in onze kas. Dat is niet onopgemerkt gebleven, want het Mi Punki assortiment is genomineerd voor de eerste stemmingsronde van de Dutch Tulip Award 2018.

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Let's colour this Spring

05 Apr 2018

Tada, there’s the sun after such a grey winter! Do you feel like adding colour to Spring?

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Hip hip hooray for the Queen(s)

09 Mar 2018

No princesses are born in our breeding department, because Florya Breeding makes sure the new borns are immediately queens.

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A burst of activity

02 Mar 2018

Men who think women cost a lot of energy… Well, next week we agree, since two traditional flower gift days are coming up.

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Go red!

08 Feb 2018

Red, the colour of love (little stereotyped)… and of 2018! Just like purple, since that colour is also named colour of this year.

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Coloured by Gerbera at the Floradecora

26 Jan 2018

332 days till Christmas, but these gerberas couldn’t wait and shine at the Floradecora

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Happiness in a box

12 Jan 2018

2018 has started and how!

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Vrolijkheid in een box

12 Jan 2018

2018 is van start gegaan en hoe!

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Let's grow happiness

30 Dec 2017

New year is almost there. Curious to our New Year’s resolution?

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