Do you want to add joy and enjoy eco together?

It’s our ambition to make people happy and energetic with our flowers, now and in the future. 

In other words: add joy and enjoy eco. In order to reach this goal, we are, and always have been, making sustainable choices. Already in 1998 LG Flowers was rewarded with the Environment prize from the Horticultural Entrepreneurial award, because they were pioneers in the field op environmentally friendly solutions.

We still are a pioneer in this area, since we are the first gerbera nursery who grows seventy per cent organically. Many tests and investments are made in order to grow to one hundred per cent. Besides the cultivation, sustainable and durable relationships with customers and employees are very important as well. For example, internal training courses are offered to encourage personal development.

Last year the footprint of LG Flowers, from the total company to a single gerbera, was calculated. The average emission of a LG gerbera is lower than that of the average Dutch cut flower. Although this is a great outcome, we are committed to reduce our CO2 emissions and will therefore focus on the use of green energy sources and geothermal heat.

We are happy to discuss how we can add joy and enjoy eco together, because together we will reach further than alone. Please contact us.