christmas wreath with gerberas

Christmas wreaths are not only delicious when they’re made from chocolate, they’re also beautiful with flowers! Especially with gerberas...

A wreath on your door, in the living room or just on a table will give an instant festive feeling. Many years ago, before Christ, the Germans made wreaths with green branches. The wreath, or circle, was a sign for the sun, because at the end of December they celebrated the solstice, the return of the sun and coming spring. It’s too bad for the Germans that they couldn’t pick gerberas in that time, but luckily we can now! A wreath with gerbera’s: that’s the most sunny wreath in these dark days

Special wreath

We didn’t used just any gerbera for this wreath, but the Mi Dotti and Mi Punki. By using these two special shaped gerberas in colours like salmon, red and purple, we created a chic and festive wreath. The full, round shape of the Mi Dotti and happy spiky shape of the Mi Punki give a special effect!