Happy Eco Gerbera Farm

You may know us from our quotes "Add Joy" and "Enjoy Eco". We know better than anyone that happiness and sustainability go well together. That is why we are a Happy Eco Gerbera Farm. In this blog we will tell you five reasons how we contribute to sustainability:

Our cultivation is for 70% organic

70% of gerberas are organically grown, which means there are no chemicals or pest control used. We can’t yet grow 100% organically, because of the crop rotation that takes place for a third (30%) of the greenhouse in early summer. The biological pest control can’t be used with these plants, because they start working from the end of spring / early summer. This doesn’t mean that the other 30% is subject to chemical control. Chemical control will only be used if there is a pest in the greenhouse where there is no other option than chemical control. LG Flowers is also testing for new possibilities, such as quails that eat larvae and drones that kill moths, to grow further to 100% organic.

100% attention for employee development

Our employees are encouraged to continue to develop, for example by following courses and trainings. In addition, a team of employees follows a coaching session every 6 weeks to form a well-functioning team.

Working on a lower footprint

This year, Ecochain has calculated the impact of LG Flowers, its processes, and flowers on the environment. LG gerberas have a lower CO2 impact than the average Dutch cut flower. The impact can be lower and that is why we focus on gas and electricity, we want to purchase them in a more sustainable way. In addition, LG can help in the chain by thinking about more sustainable packaging and smarter transport.

Flowers make people happy for 365 days

More and more studies show that flowers have a positive effect on humans. People become happy and calm when flowers are in the room. For example, patients need less pain medication when flowers are in the room and people are more likely to help someone on the street carrying a bunch of flowers. Gerberas are naturally very cheerful flowers with all the different colors and shapes they can have.