Crop rotation on Meloenstraat at LG Flowers.

Every year we renew 1/3 of our crop in the greenhouse. This July it was that time of the year and we wanted to take you along in the process, because a crop rotation does not happen overnight.

Emptying the greenhouse

The first week of the crop rotation starts with the removal of the drippers, the gerbera plants receive water via the drippers. After that the workers can start emptying the gutters. When all the old plants are removed from the gutters, they will be brought to the end of their path. All old plant remains at the end of each path will be driven out of the greenhouse with large machines. After we have waved goodbye to all the old plants, it is time for a major cleaning. When everything is cleaned, all paths and gutters are checked for damage. If necessary, repairs take place, so that everything can last for the upcoming 3 years.

Setting up a greenhouse

All new plants are delivered in the second week of the crop rotation. We already ordered these plants at the end of last year. So, we had to wait for them for a while. The plants are delivered when they are almost about to give flowers. This allows us to quickly pick gerberas so we can deliver beautiful flowers all year round. When the new plants are placed in the gutters, the drippers will be reconnected. Then we have to wait for about four weeks until the plants really start to give flowers and the picking can start.

New assortment 2020 - 2021

All new plants are now in the greenhouse and this means that there is also a new assortment. Before the crop rotation starts, we choose which varieties remain and which ones we will say goodbye to. But don't worry about the species leaving, new ones are taking their place. This year our new assortment consists of 12 new varieties, 4 of which come from our own breeding department Florya Breeding. Are you already curious about our new varieties? Then view them at: and order a sample by emailing: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. so that you can see your favorites in real life!