LG Flowers presents Mi Specialti

It’s ‘happy new season’ at LG Flowers! Besides new gerbera varieties, we also launched a Mi Specialti assortment. Mini gerberas with special shapes, colours or a combination of these two.

There are four categories in this special assortment: Mi Dotti, Mi Punki, Mi Twisti, and Mi Queeni. ‘Mi’ is an abbreviation for MIni gerbera and the word explains the character of the shape of the flower. Most of the special gerberas are developed by Florya Breeding, the breeding department of LG Flowers.

Mi Dotti

The nine Mi Dotties of LG Flowers are true dots! The lovely, full flowers have gorgeous colours. From soft pastel, like Gerardo, to intense colours, like Ita. Ivani, Ita, and Ines are the latest Mi Dotties from Florya Breeding

Mi Punki

The long spikes of the flowers remind us of the wild hairstyle of punks. However, not with black hair, but in many happy colours. Besides that, some Mi Punkies put themselves out with having two colours!

Mi Twisti

A germini with an unique shape. Iggy belongs to the category ‘Mi Twisti’, because of her dancing and curly petals. The fluffy and elegant flower is the first available germini with this shape.

Mi Queeni

a germini with an unique shape. Imani belongs to the category 'Mi Queeni', because she looks like a royal crown. The chic and stylish flower with has rolled up petals and is the first with this shape in the market.